Articles about Rent a Villa in Tuscany, which have appeared in newspapers and magazines

This page features a few of the many articles about Rent a villa in Tuscany, which have appeared in various newspapers and magazines worldwide.

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LUXO Magazine - A Brazilian luxury website and magazine, featured a number of our villas in this article (in Portuguese)

- Russian language article, which features a number of our Luxury Villas

italian magazine

“Our Story” Article - Page 1.

“Our Story” Article - Page 2.

“Our Story” Article - Page 3.

As well as press articles about Rent a Villa in Tuscany, Jim has also written a number of "Italy" themed articles (illustrated with his own photos) for different magazines. Interested in commissioning him? get in touch.

italian magazine

“Hand Gestures” Article - Page 1.

“Hand Gestures” Article - Page 2.

“Hand Gestures” Article - Page 3.

“Hand Gestures” Article - Page 4.

italian magazine

“Lake Trasimeno” Article - Page 1.

“Lake Trasimeno” Article - Page 2.

“Lake Trasimeno” Article - Page 3.

“Lake Trasimeno” Article - Page 4.

“Lake Trasimeno” Article - Page 5.

“Lake Trasimeno” Article - Page 6.

“Lake Trasimeno” Article - Page 7.

“Lake Trasimeno” Article - Page 8


Jim has also published a number of articles on the website "ezine articles". Click on the logo below to view some of his work. If you like the style and would like him to write for your website, please get in touch using our contact page.

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