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weather in tuscany

One of the main reasons we all love Tuscany is the weather! Close your eyes and picture yourself on one of those lovely balmy summer evenings when the weather in Tuscany is just perfect, relaxing outside by the pool, the heady perfume of jasmine hanging in the air, glass of Chianti in hand, mesmerised by the sheer spectacle that is a Tuscan sunset.

But, can a pasty, white Brit stand the heat in the middle of a Tuscan summer? What about early and late season, does it get chilly in the evenings?

We've put together some "Tuscan Weather" information, which we think you'll find useful.


In general, the climate in Tuscany is very mild with little difference between the different provinces. However, the coast and valleys are hotter in summer than the hilly areas. Usually summers in Tuscany are hot with little or no rain. Spring (April and May) and Autumn (October and November) are milder and rainier, but there are still plenty of dry, sunny days. Winter can still have some sunny days but is usually wetter and colder, especially at night. July and August are the hottest months. January is the coldest month.


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Day Temp (Deg. C) 11 13 16 19 23 27 30 30 27 22 16 12
Night Temp (Deg. C) 3 3 6 8 12 15 18 17 15 11 7 4
Sunshine (hrs/day) 4 4 5 6 7 9 10 9 7 6 4 4
Av. no. of rainy days 9 7 8 8 9 6 3 4 6 9 11 9


Spring in Tuscany can be one of the most rewarding times to visit, average temperatures are warm and comfortable. It can however, be one of the wettest seasons, but normally by May, rain is rare and the days are longer with up to 10 hours of daylight.

Summer in Tuscany is usually hot and sunny with pleasant warm evenings for “al fresco” dining. Humidity levels can get high, especially in the cities.

Autumn in Tuscany, like Spring can be a good time to visit Tuscany, with warm average temperatures into October and sometimes later.

Tuscany in Winter rarely gets really severe weather, a day or two of snow with wetter weather and lower temperatures is the norm. however it's usually mixed with crisp bright days and clear, blue skies.

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