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About Us
Rent a Villa in Tuscany, a Scottish registered company is owned by Fiona McCardle. It  is one of the highest ranked travel websites on the internet. The site has hundreds of top ranked pages on all the major search engines and is full of interesting, useful content, which attracts thousands of visitors each month. The company aims to provide a friendly, professional service to both its clients and owners. Many of its owners have been with the company since it started and the site has many satisfied clients who return year after year.

Who are your Target Clients?
Although the site receives visitors from over 70 countries each month, our target clients are mainly from English speaking countries - Great Britain, Ireland, The United States, Canada, Australia etc.

What type of property do you want?
Our clients range from couples to large groups, however we receive a large number of requests from family groups (also two families together) looking for a private villa with pool. They are looking for a high standard of accommodation and services. Many clients now expect air con as standard. A property without a pool, no matter how nice is almost impossible for us to rent (except a coastal property where a pool is not always essential if near a beach).

Are you looking for new villas?
We are always interested in hearing from owners who have suitable properties, which they would like to promote through our site. If you feel you have a suitable property please submit the form below. If the property is of interest we will get in touch to arrange a visit, explain what information we need from you and also explain our terms and conditions. ( Parliamo anche Italiano!)

Do you offer any other services?
Yes, because of the experience we have gained running our website and promoting villas we are able to offer a number of services to owners. Please enquire for costs.

Villa Rental Report – If you are considering buying or renovating a property, which you would like to rent, this report will give our opinions of the rental potential and suggestions on how to maximize this potential

If you have a Villa, which you feel would be suitable for our clients or would like to enquire about any of our services, Please complete and submit the form below.

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