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best tuscany apps

Best Tuscany Apps -these days as more and more people access the internet using their smartphone or tablet, the number of mobile apps is growing daily. Many are free and even the paid ones only cost about the price of an espresso!

From the moment you decide to visit Tuscany on holiday there are useful apps to help you plan your trip and activities. There are great travel apps, including flight, train and motorway info and when you arrive there are really cool city guide apps, restaurant guides, wine guides - you name it and someone has produced an app.

In our opinion, here are a few of the Best Tuscany Apps, some are free, some have a small charge. Note they are all from Apple at the moment, we hope to add some Android Apps soon.

Click on the logos below for more info and to download the app.

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Virtual Tour - Escape into a world of gorgeous landscapes with this beautifully designed app. Take a virtual tour through this stunning region, combined with interesting facts, you never know it might even make you want to visit the real thing!!
Tripit - A useful app to keep all those confirmation emails, phone numbers, booking refs and all the other info you need for your next trip under control and organised. You can also share the info with the rest of your group.
Triplist - A packing and to do list app, makes sure all those pre holiday tasks get done and that you pack all your essentials.
Flight Info - All the flight info you'll ever need. Keep up to date with any delays, changes or cancellations or your or your family and friends' flights.
Pisa Airport - The official site for Pisa Airport. The main Tuscan airport. The app has lots of information about the airport and other useful services and info.
Traffic Info - Real time traffic information for the Italian road network. Gives info on delays, road works, hold ups on motorways and in cities.
Railway Info - The Italian state railway app. Gives info on routes, times, ticket prices (some can be bought online). It also gives info on delays, cancellations etc
Weather Reports - Keep up to date on the latest weather forecasts. This app has full weather info for the next 5 days including special weather warnings, forecasts for various sports, satellite maps etc.
Wifi Finder - Find the nearest free wifi hotspot, very useful when you are out and about and want to save on roaming charges. Has got some mixed reviews but I found it useful when I tried it.
Italian Phrasebook - Essential phrases with native speaker recordings. Useful as a survival tool when out shopping!!
Speak & Translate - An indispensable voice and text translator that allows you to communicate in 40 languages. Select the 2 languages, speak and the app writes and speaks the text in the other language. Try it, it's amazing!
Offline Maps - Save on roaming charges, use these very useful offline maps. Does need quite a lot of space to store them but useful when the mobile signal is patchy in cities.
Florence Guide - Smart map of Florence. Offline map uses your iphone or ipad's gps tracking to show you where you are. It also has lots of useful info built in on various services and attactions
Stay - City guides for over 150 cities worldwide. The interesting this about this app are the contributions from social networks, if you find a great attraction or restaurant you can add to the guide to help others.
Florence Itineraries - Florence map and walks has great itineraries round the historic sights of this famous city. This lite version gives you the info, maps etc , however download the full version for full step by step routes and directions from one sight to another.
Siena Itineraries - Siena map and walks has great itineraries round the historic sights of this famous city. This lite version gives you the info, maps etc , however download the full version for full step by step routes and directions from one sight to another.
Lucca Guide - An offline guide packed full of useful info. maps, itineraries, attractions, restaurants, bars, museums, image gallery. There is even a handy translator to help you communicate with the locals.
Pisa Guide - Great information and hd photos of Pisa. You can send the photos to friends direct from this well designed app.
Tuscan Hilltowns - Sights and restaurant info on several Tuscan hilltop towns (Siena, Arezzo, Cortona, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Pienza, San Gimignano, Volterra), lovely photos, written by an experienced writer and photographer who has over 20 years experience of Tuscany.
Bike Maps - Great app for more experienced riders who prefer a more diy approach. Maps, routes, gps, community sharing etc
Eat Florence - Great insider guide to the best Florence restaurants. Not only restaurants but also bakeries, wine bars, kitchen and food stores, coffee bars. Everything a foodie could ask for.
Tuscany for Foodies - A useful foodie guide to Tuscany. james martin is a travel writer who lives in Tuscany. His guide is all about the best butchers, bakers, cheese makers and the small restaurants who produce tasty home cooked Tuscan food using the best local ingredients. The App, includes maps and directions to the best food products Tuscany has to offer.
Tuscan Chef - Shows you how to prepare a wide variety of delicious Italian recipes in your home kitchen. Alessandro Piccinini is a private chef who runs cooking classes in Tuscany. Usinf videos, he shows you how to prepare a wide variety of Italian dishes. App includes shopping lists and the chance to "call the chef".
Tuscan Wine - This nice little free app is a complete guide to the best Tuscan wines. It gives info on the wine maker, grapes used, winemaking method, tasting notes and more
Tuscan Wineries Guide - This great app is perfect for guests who have a hire car and would like to sample some of the local wine but would prefer the "do it yourself" approach. The app produced by Rebecca, a Danish/Canadian who has lived in Tuscany for many years gives info on the wineries, wines, maps, directions, local info etc.
Photographer's Guide - A top landscape photographer lets you into the secrets of where to take the "classic" picture postcard views of Tuscany. Your phone gps system and/or maps guide you to the spot, the photographer gives you advice on the best times of day, equipment, viewpoint etc to get the best shots. Take truly memorable photos of Tuscany.
Loving Tuscany - A selection of stunning panoramic Tuscan photography. The app gives info about the places and how to get there. Use it as a photo guide or simply as a sightseeing guide.
Travel with Kids - 20 videos showing the best family activities in Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice and more. Produced by a real family who are experiencing the fun and challenges of family travel.
Isitter - A wifi/bluetooth baby monitor app, which uses 2 devices (iphone/ipad etc) to become a sound and vision baby monitor. Could be a very useful app to use when the kids are upstairs asleep and you're outside on the terrace having dinner.

Try them, let us know what you think and if you find other useful Tuscany Apps, GET IN TOUCH and we'll pass the info on.

Note: This page is intended for information only, all apps, trade marks, icons etc are the property, copyright etc of the individual owners and not associated with Rent a Villa in Tuscany in any way.

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