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Do you dream about celebrating your Wedding in Tuscany? Enjoying every moment of your special day in the idyllic setting of a fairytale villa or castle set amongst the magical Tuscan countryside, whilst your family and friends toast your future with some of the finest Tuscan food and wines.

Your dream can become reality, but where do you start?, we'd recommend reading The Wedding Book of Calm first.

Then take a deep breath.

Now let's get organised. A Wedding Planning Folder to keep all your lists, phone numbers, swatches of fabric, bits torn out of magazines etc is a good investment. Confetti, (a UK based company) has lots of great wedding planning tools to help you, including online "to do" lists, budget planners, guest lists and you can even set up your own wedding web site. Have look round their site, you're sure to find lots of useful information.

Here are some tips from the staff at Rent a Villa in Tuscany to help you plan your Wedding in Tuscany.

Top 10 tips

1. Italians usually get married on Saturdays, if you make yours mid week, all the services (catering, photographer etc) will have better availability.

2. Villas usually rent Saturday to Saturday, another reason for a mid week wedding.

3. We don't advise getting married on a Friday. If you have a late night it isn’t easy to leave the villa early on Saturday morning.

4. Italian food is delicious, but folks from the UK tend to like their meat very well cooked, Italians don’t! If your Gran is likely to send the “raw” steak back, safer to go for roast pork or seafood.

5. Locally made favours can add that extra special touch. Italians are very good at these as they are traditional at both weddings and confirmations so there is a wide range to choose from. They also have great children’s favours too and can even tailor make them to suit.

6. You will need to complete a series of documents both at home and in Italy to enable you to marry legally in Italy. If you opt for a religious ceremony you will also require all your church documentation too. We recommend you get help doing this to ensure things run smoothly. We work with a "wedding document" expert.

7. A registry office wedding here takes on a whole new meaning when the registry office is 600 years old.

8. Some airlines offer group discounts. If all your family are traveling at the same time, ask!

9. Spring and Autumn are usually warm enough for those not used to the Tuscan heat. June or Sept are good options. 1 o’clock mid August probably isn’t. Check our "Weather in Tuscany" page for more info on average Tuscan weather.

10. Start planning well in advance. (signed up for your Wedding Planning Tools from Confetti yet?) We strongly recommend a viewing visit, even a weekend visit is worth it. Arranging an event involving a large number of people from different countries, different languages, different cultures etc takes a touch more thought than asking a few friends round for a pizza! We can arrange for a viewing visit, if time permits and you would like to, we can arrange for you to taste the wedding caterers food.

Got any advice or tips on Getting Married in Tuscany you'd like to share with others, Let's hear them!

The first priority when planning your Wedding in Tuscany is choosing a suitable venue, after that all the other services fall into place. Whether the dream venue for your wedding in Tuscany is a country farmhouse, an elegant villa or a medieval castle, no matter if you plan to invite 20 guests or 200 of your closest friends! We have a wide selection of great venues for your Wedding in Tuscany.

As we mentioned above we strongly recommend a viewing visit before deciding. Come over for a weekend, it allows you to get the feel of a venue (something photos or descriptions just can't do). Even visit a few venues, try the food, talk things over with us. It's worth it. Please get in touch, if you would like to organise a viewing visit, or you'd like our advice on which venue would suit you best

Unless you are bi lingual and have the time. We at Rent a Villa in Tuscany firmly believe that a wedding planner is worth their weight in gold. They have excellent local knowledge and contacts, which counts for a great deal when organising something as complex as a wedding in another country. We work with a selected few of the best Tuscan Wedding Planners . When you've chosen a suitable venue for your wedding, we recommend you have an informal chat with one (or more) of our Tuscan Wedding Planners. Explain what you have in mind and discuss the various options (they'll probably even suggest some options you hadn't even thought of). All of our wedding planners are very experienced and have good, reliable contacts, so you can be sure you're in safe hands.

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