Create a Site Like Ours

Create a Site Like Ours, You and SBI! can change your life forever!

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This could be one of the most important decisions you'll ever make!

Yea, sure! I hear you say. what's the big deal about setting up a web site?

Well, did you realize that 98% of new web sites FAIL! and many people spend thousands of dollars and waste years of their lives working on a web site, which is doomed to failure.

If you have a great idea, a ton of motivation but don't quite know where to start, read on to Create a Ste Like Ours!

The web isn't some magical way to become super rich overnight but if you get it right, it can totally change your life. Read how it's changed ours. On the web nothing happens by chance, it's not like your local high street, customers don't just happen to wander past. You need to attract visitors to your site or more precisely you need to use the correct tools.

Remember a web site without TRAFFIC is a very expensive hobby!


SBI! Quick Tour

So what are these tools? Take the Site Build It! Quick Tour. Don't worry about the details of how to "Create a Site Like Ours" at the moment. It will all become clear.

Ok, Seems impressive enough. But lots of companies offer packages of tools, what makes SBI different?

The answer is simple - RESULTS! Check out the SBI results, you'll find a few (333 to be precise) varied SBI sites which are in the top 3% of the net (by the way, we are one of the top sites, in the top 1% of the net) No other company can offer the quantity and quality of SBI results.

If you already have a site, check out your site's net ranking to see how it compares.

Ok, the results are very impressive, but what about the competition? Compare SBI with other companies. There is simply no other company which offers all the tools that SBI does.

"Site Build It" is the brainchild of a Canadian Doctor called Ken Evoy. Ken has a unique talent for explaining things in a simple, fun, easy to understand way. He has distilled the whole "Site Build It" process down into a simple 10 day step by step method. Ken is also an exciting, motivational, speaker, full of encouragement.

Listen to a Montreal radio talk show he took part in.The calls came flooding in from all over the world. Not many products can create a buzz like this. In fact, why don't we let Ken tell you about Site Build it! himself - click on the image below to tune in to SBI TV. After watching Ken it also has links to SBI! videos on U Tube. No other "web hosting" company creates customers as enthusiastic as this.

But what if you don't need to be shown "step by step" how to Create a Site Like Ours, maybe you're an experienced webmaster. You've already created a number of websites. You know what! more and more "experts" are now using SBI (it's fully compatible with design programmes such as Front Page and Dreamweaver). Check out the details here. Instead of assembling a wide range of (expensive) tools, SBI does it all, don't be fooled by the simple, user friendly look, these are serious tools.

OK, you've taken the tour, seen the results, compared it with the competition, listened to the talk show BUT what's that? you've still got a couple of what if's and wouldn't it be great if you could talk or email someone who knew how to Create a Site Like Ours using SBI. Guess what! the folks at SBI have thought of that one too! Contact one of the SBI advisors they are a friendly bunch and will answer any questions you have. If you'd prefer, please feel free to contact me, if you'd like the "straight from the horses mouth" version!

With SBI's great, new payment options you can even "dip your toe in the water". In the unlikely event that SBI isn't for you they have a no quibble money back guarantee.

If you're thinking it all sounds fantastic and you know you've got a great idea BUT you also know you "just don't have time" Don't worry,SBI have thought of that one too. SBI Professionals  are a team of experienced SBI experts who can build an SBI site for you. After discussing your idea with you, and using the proven SBI method they will research, build, submit etc etc your very own SBI site. For those who love the idea, but just don't have the time, this is the perfect solution.


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