Covid 19, 2021
We are offering booking flexibility for all of our 2021 bookings. We will transfer your booking free of charge and/or issue a credit note, if you are unable to travel due to Covid 19 travel restrictions.

Booking Flexibility
If you are unable to travel due to national/international travel bans/restrictions or quarantine requirements in place at 30 days or less before arrival, either in the country of the lead guest or the area you are travelling to in Italy, we can offer you alternative dates either later in 2021 or during 2022 (subject to availability) or a credit note to use either up to the end of 2022 or for a period of 12 months from the date of your original booking, depending on the villa booked. This is valid for the same villa as originally booked only and not transferable to another villa.

Reasons you can transfer your booking
1. When travel bans/ restrictions have been implemented by regional or national governments, either in the home country of the lead guest who made the booking  or in the region/country your villa is located in, or quarantine measures have been implemented in the home country of the lead guest or in the region/country where your villa is located.

2. If there are no viable transport options to reach your villa either internationally or locally due to Covid 19.

3. If the lead guest responsible for the booking, tests positive to Covid within 14 days of arrival (a certificate of a positive test must be supplied). This is not applicable to other group members and only applies to the lead guest.

Booking flexibility will only apply in the case of national/international travel bans and/or restrictions including quarantine. They do not apply for any other reason.

Cancellation for other reasons
If you are unable to travel due to reasons other than the ones laid out above, then normal terms & conditions of cancellation will apply and guests need to have travel insurance in place that covers trip cancellation. No refunds will apply and alternative dates and/or a credit note cannot be offered.

It is a condition of your booking that all customers must have comprehensive travel insurance in place. There are now many policies on offer that cover various outcomes due to Covid and we would recommend that guests take out the best insurance to cover their specific needs and requirements.
If a guest tests positive just before they are due to travel and is unable to take up their booking for this reason, they need to have insurance in place that covers cancellation due to contracting Covid.  
If travel bans/ restrictions are put in place during your stay and you need to cut your stay short – guests must have travel insurance in place to cover early departure due to Covid. No refund/credit notes will be applicable once a stay is underway.

We will do our best to uphold prices if dates are transferred to the same price season as your original booking for 2021. Where alternative dates are in a higher price season, the higher price will apply.
In the case, that your booking has been move up multiple times and/or years and the villa prices have increased in the meantime, we reserve the right to apply the new prices. We will advise you of any price increase before moving your dates.
For credit notes – current prices at the time of confirming your new dates, will apply.
Local prices for extras/extra services. If your booking has been moved up multiple times and extras payable locally have increased, the new prices will apply.

Changes to our Terms & Conditions
We reserve the right to update / change our Terms & Conditions at any time without prior warning. All changes will be updated to this online page and these terms and conditions will be considered valid at all times. Guests should refer to this page for any recent updates/ changes.

By completing and submitting our online booking form you agree to the above terms and conditions. Please note, that should a dispute be taken to court, Irish law will be used as the basis for deciding the dispute and the law courts in Dublin will have jurisdiction.


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