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Discover Tuscany!, Issue #016-- "extra" issue!
June 07, 2004

Discover Tuscany! is a FREE Newsletter dedicated to helping you get the best from your holiday in Tuscany.


Just when you thought the coast was clear, Yep, me again folks!

I just couldn’t keep these fantastic never to be repeated (probably) offers to myself, just had to rush you, my favourite bunch of avid readers this “hot off the press” news! don’t say I’m not good to you!

We’ve been tirelessly badgering our band of loyal owners to give you, our ever growing bunch of Tuscanofiles, Tuscanophobes and poor overworked guys out there who are getting pestered by “her indoors” about not having booked a few weeks in the sun yet! some of the best deals, offers and last minute discounts ever! all because we care!

And you know what – if you don’t ask you don’t get! They’ve come up trumphs! The offers are coming in by the day, some are going crazy offering discounts that even we had to double check to see if they were serious! Look at these few examples -

- Superb apartment in Chianti with shared pool (sleeps 6),
WAS €1,467 NOW €534 (yes, that’s less than €100 a head a week)

- Stylish apartment in Chianti with shared pool (sleeps 6)
WAS €1,800 NOW €667 (by my reckoning that’s around 2/3 discount!)

- Charming apartment with shared pool (Sleeps 2)
WAS €867 NOW €400 (less than half price)

These are just a few of the long list of offers coming in. But better get your skates on, these offers are strictly on a first come first served basis. Be the first kid on your block to snap up one of these super, summer, soaraway savers.

Log on to for full info and remember to check back often as new offers are being added as we speak.

Don’t be shy, don’t keep all this good news to yourself – your friends will thank you for it! Spread the word down the local, print this out and whack in up on any handy notice boards or pass it along to 23 friends by word of mouse!

“We’re all goin’ on a summer holiday,
no more worries for a week or two, fun and laughter ………etc etc

“Sir Cliff and the Shadows”

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