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Discover Tuscany!, Issue #027-- "Spring" Issue!
March 24, 2011

Discover Tuscany! is a FREE occasional Newsletter dedicated to helping you get the best from your holiday in Tuscany.

Tuscany’s all in a tizz at this time of year. It just can’t make up its mind if it should poke its wee head up out of the snow and wipe the sleep from its eyes or snuggle down for another five minutes kip before springing out of bed and jumping into its best floral dancing trousers. In Discover Tuscany, this time round we’ve got a mixed smorgasbord of free pigs, dancing footballers, Latvian journos,Tuscan full body salad dressing and a woman got famous for wearing no pants!. – who says Tuscany’s all about lazing around in the sun. Enjoy!

- Latvia Evening Telegraph - A few months back, a crack, award winning team of journalists from Latvia were our guests for a few days. They toured round Tuscany and had the chance to sample a number of our villas. Assuming you’re fluent in Russian, you can read what they had to say here

- Villa News – Franco down at Villa Ponticelli has been in touch, he says to tell you all that he’s put heating into his pool. You can now have a relaxing swim outdoors even in Spring and Autumn. His welcome dinners are legendary too. Have a look at his stunning villa near Siena.

- Well Oiled – The good folks down at the Tuscan Estate and Spa, the stunning Ferragamo owned resort have let us know about their new Wellness Spa. It has a fantastic list of massages and relaxing treatments on offer, including one which uses powdered pips and pulp from olives picked on their estate. They tell us its an exfoliation ceremony, which becomes an unforgettable “taste” of sensations and aromas! and who are we to disagree. Why not try it.

- Paolo Rossi - Italian footballing legend and villa owner has been showing off his dancing skills on the Italian version of “Celebrity Come Dancing”. As a dancer he makes a great footballer! At least he keeps smiling – watch him here contact us now if you’d like to rent one of his apartments. How do you say - Are you dancing, Are you asking, in Italian?

- Groupon – Heard about this website on the BBC the other day. The idea is that group buying power can obtain some great discounts. They offer great exclusive discounts on daily best things to do, eat, see and buy in various areas. If you like what’s on offer, sign up, if the minimum number is reached then you get the discount. There are versions in various countries, so why not sign up for the Italian version, (use Google translate) and get some great discounts whilst on your holidays. Let us know if you find a bargain.
UK version -
Italian version -

- Tuscan Photos – Local photographer Andrea Rontini is an artist producing, superb works of art. Tuscany has some of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy and Andrea manages to capture them like no one else. You can view his work here If you are in Tuscany this summer, drop in to his Gallery in Via delle Volte, 36, Castellina in Chianti (Siena)

- Feeling Inspired? – Then get out there and take some photos of your own! Our Tuscany Photo Course – a walk in Florence with a professional photographer, will take you to some inspiring places and show you some tricks of the trade. You’ll even get an ice cream as a reward!

- Great Photo Gadget – While we’re on about photography, are you fed up having to ask complete strangers to take a photo of you and the kids? I’ve just bought this great gadget! It’s called X Shot , I’m having fun using it (for video too) let me know what you think.

-Free Pigs – Sardinia, the Mediterranean island, famous for its seven month summers, crystal clear water, sandy beaches and untouched landscapes, not to mention the fantastic local food and wine, makes the perfect summer holiday destination. We now have a local partner who has a wide selection of fantastic villas and apartments for rent. Prices to suit all budgets. and right now they are offering a free traditional Sardinian dinner (including oven roasted suckling pig) when you rent certain villas.

- Venice Apartment – The designer owners of one of our most stylish Tuscan villas have recently sent us info on their apartment in Venice. This has got to be the coolest apartment in Venice or anywhere.

- Eat your heart out George – Just up the road from George Clooney’s pad, up on Lake Como. We are proud to offer a stunning luxury villa, which has everything - fantastic lake views, grand dining room, pool, butler service. Online soon, if you’re interested, contact us for more info.

-The Tuscan Magazine - A new magazine (online and hard copy) sure to be of interest to anyone who loves Tuscany. Full of great articles and images, read it online or rush over to their Twitter page to sign up for a free hard copy!

- Sharon Stone and Jeremy Irons are coming to town - Reading the local paper as I had my morning coffee this morning (tough life here!!) I noticed that Shaz and Gerry are the big names at this year’s Tuscan Sun Festival. Held in Cortona at the beginning of August, it’s a mix of culture and eating and drinking, Our Cortona apartments are right in the centre, don’t miss the fun

- Last Minute Tuscany – Interest in Tuscany has been brisk this year, many of our villas are now fully booked. However, there are still a few owners who have some last minute availability. Get in touch, let us know what you’re looking for.

Happy Holidays!!

Jim in Tuscany

PS – we’re now tweeting on a regular basis! Follow us if you want to keep up to date on what’s happening in Tuscany.

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